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This is a place where you can come if you want to enjoy a peaceful softcore adult video that you can watch with your girlfriend next to you. She will not like it, because women tend to be jealous when it comes to naked bodies around you, even if these are on the screen, but she will probably accept them on a kinky evening. SoftcoreTube.org has and is what you see in the domain name and the .org extension in the end will tell you that they are an organization prepared to deliver what ever a couple wants.

The homepage looks very similar with some other tubes I have seen and reviewed, but this isn’t a bad thing. In the middle you will have the latest updates, but you can change them with title, views, likes, comments or random, if you feel lucky. If you know some pornstar names, take a look at the sidebar. Via that section you will be able to filter down the content found on the website. Still, if you want my advise, don’t tell your girlfriend that you know these models.

They have a search box where you can enter your keywords. Click the screenshot!

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