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We all try to be sexy and funny, because that will make a hell of a charisma for us. But when we can’t do that in the real life, we access the online world and we go to sexy and funny places to learn how to do it. For that and for other reasons like getting rid of boredom, I will show you the SexyAndFunny forum, a wonderfull community where people are friendly, sexiness is at its place and everything is funny all around.

General Mayhem, Purple Monkey Dishwasher, Funhouse of Fun, Newbies ‘R’ Us, Sex Talk 101, The Master Debaters, S&F Hotties – these are only a few boards that you will see on this forum and from the looks of the titles, I am pretty sure that you will have a good time in this environment.

It is free, it is easy to register an account and if you don’t know how to do that, it means that you are from under the ocean. There are 151k+ threads at this moment, 596k+ members and the most users ever online touched the number of 3,660. That being said, I think that it is time to click on the screenshot!

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