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Sex.com is pretty much the perfect domain name ever and I bet it cost a few dollars! This site is filled with movies, pictures and animated porn gifs. The homepage is covered in them, and if you click on a thumbnail, you’ll be taken to a new page where you can see a bigger version. The homepage is sort of like a Pinterest for porn, where you can pin, like and comment on content.

If it’s movies you are after, i’d suggest clicking on the videos page, since a lot of the content shown on the homepage is images. You can choose popular movies from today, and each one has a preview thumbnail and tags underneath to show which categories it belongs to. Click a thumbnail and boom, you can click the play button to watch there and then. Some are seriously high in quality too!

The categories drop down lets you filter your porn into more specific niches like babes, fisting and mature. Use these to get to what you want to wank over fast. There is also a dedicated Gay section to this site if you’re that.

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