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When you first access PornSharing, you’ll notice the amount of movieclip thumbnails you can choose from on the homepage. There’s also a lack of adverts on the homepage and a handy popular searches list at the bottom of the page. So far so good. When you click on a movie, some are already in HD, completely free. You’ll notice adverts appear before you can play the movie though and this is a bit annoying when you’re horny and want to have a wank.

You can view movies through a massive database of categories but some of them are a bit all over the place. The main ones you’ll need are shown on a navigation bar unless you’re looking for something like furry porn or cosplay. A couple of features ThePornDon likes include the model directory and sites. Makes things so much quicker and easier to find what you’re looking for. If you wanna wank over babes, click on the Babes Network site channel. You get a shit load of babes porn and if you really wanna part with your cash you even get a discount to join.

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