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here are lots of porn tubes out there, and today we’re going to be taking a look at yet another one to add to the list. Now usually, I find it hard to appreciate anything new about a tube site, but PornDoe.com really has something going for it. The design is super sweet and the number of features it has on offer is impressive to say the very least.

The homepage displays the latest scenes and you only need to click in the thumbnails to be transported to the content itself. All of the videos here stream directly from the site and buffer real quick, so you don’t have to pause and wait for a few minutes like other tube sites require. The scenes are quite lengthy, are all in HD quality and come with more information about the model, site the scene was shot for and what happens in the clip.

The top-end navigation offers links to various categories, model profiles, channels and other site sections. All in all, this tube site is just a little bit better than most I’ve come across, so well done Porn Doe – you’re doing it right.

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