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If you have an Ad Blocker enabled in your browser, when you will set your foot on the homepage of this porn site, you will get this message “It looks like you’re using an ad blocker. That’s okay. Who doesn’t? But without advertising-income, we can’t keep making this site awesome”. And that’s it! And you’re fucked! You cannot enter if you don’t disable the blocker! I do not like that, I really don’t! I undersand that they are paying their servers via advertising services, but come on …

I did disable my plugin, because I have to finish this review for those of you who will do the same! Let’s proceed: the homepage shows a section for videos being watched right now. Underneath, you can scroll to reach the part that has featured clips. Scroll even more to see most recent videos (you will be able to change recent with most popular, rated, discussed, downloaded, longest or watched – we have a lot of “ed” around here).

I do not really know what else I can say about this porn site. It works and it looks like any other platform of this kind, with the above difference. Click the screenshot and see!

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