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You don’t have to be an Apple Genius to understand what you will see on PervertSlut.com once you have set your foot on its homepage. It has a huge amount of amateur porn videos, because it’s a free homemade sex tube. It is written right there, with big letters, white on black. Well, to be more precise, the font is more grey, than white, but you understand …

The homepage will (probably) show you featured updates. All of these will be posted under a thumbnail, a title and a description. If you will stop your mouse pointer on a screen capture, you will have a preview. Scroll to see their newest additions or take a look at the navigation bar, because you will have buttons that will allow you to change results with latest, top rated or most viewed clips. If you want a few examples of categories used here, I will show you these popular niches: anal, outdoor, wife or pregnant. For more, check the full list on the website.

I see no particular flaws on PervertSlut and overall, I like it. You will even have a tags cloud near the footer and you can use it for similar content.

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