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I honestly had no idea what this site was going to be about, so when it loaded, I was surprised to see a way to chat to strangers, with either text or video mode. In a way, this is a sort of chat roulette type site, but you’ll be glad to know this site has an adults only 18+ section.

Once you’ve selected text or video, you click on chat now and you’ll be taken to a chat window where you’ll be able to talk to strangers. Some of them log off straight away, but what’s pretty useful is that you can connect with people with common interests. You don’t have to signup, but it probably helps if you do so that you can fill in your profile.

If you’d like to make friends, or maybe meet someone special for a fuck, this site might be the way to do it, but I’d be very careful who you talk to, and from the looks of it some of the strangers are automated spam messages. Predators are looking for prey here, so stay safe and you could have fun!

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