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/r/NSFW_WTF isn’t the most erotic of subreddits out there, but I figured it had to be mentioned so that you would get a good idea of some pretty strange goings on in the world of adult entertainment. The only real rule here is that any material shared has to make you go ‘what the fuck?’ and also has to be X-rated. One scene I saw had a girls wearing nothing but heels getting really weird toys shoved up her ass (I mean really, she had an incredible ability to open up her ass and stick stuff in here).

The subreddit updates with new material pretty regularly and currently has 36,000 subscribers. Obviously, it’s pretty damn obvious that you’re not going to /r/NSFW_WTF in order to find a classic style of porn. Rather, this is a site best utilized by individuals that get off to seeing some really weird stuff when looking for adult entertainment on the Internet.

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