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Reddit literally has a place for everything, and given that there’s a subreddit for NSFW Wallpapers, it just goes to show that ideas you never had before suddenly become really great concepts. Anyway, with 25,000 readers, /r/NSFW_Wallpapers isn’t the most active place around, but it certainly does a reasonable job at providing you with exactly what it says on the tin.

My main suggestion here is to just head on over to the highest rated of all time and look at the collections that people have uploaded to Imgur. This way, you can cut out all of the single posts and just see sexy stylish photographs that combine sex appeal with wallpaper worthiness.

While we’re at it, I might as well suggest you take a look at Display Fusion too – it will provide you with the opportunity to set a whole list of images to be used as a background, as well as the time required between each switch. For my money, that’s the most efficient way of getting your money’s worth from NSFW Wallpapers.

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