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It’s a pretty simple concept, but even reddit has a location for people to enjoy lesbian engagements. It’s located under the subreddit /r/Lesbians, and the aptly named location boasts around 65,000 readers that regularly contribute great quality girl on girl action that will show you a whole new side to the world of female pleasure. Whether you’re a guy that loves to see two chicks enjoying each other or a girl that wants to delve into the world of carpet munching, I can only encourage you to check this place out as soon as possible.

In terms of content breakdown, almost all of it comes in the form of images and a split of way, 50/50 is made between professional and amateur content. I was quite pleased with what I saw and found that the general quality of the submissions was high. The sub is lightly moderated and I’d say that new submissions are made around once every two hours – not a bad rate, and of course, if you want to share your own lesbian porn, go right ahead!

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