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Now look, I’m just gonna say that I know 90% of the people who visit me here at The Porn Dude are straight white males that want standard porn. That said, there may be a few gay bros or sisters that want to get my opinion on where they should go for content. I’m not a fan of dick, but if I had to choose to a place to find wanking material, it would be/r/LadybonersGW: it’s Reddit’s hub for guys to submit their own images and show off what they’re working with.

The subreddit has 63,000 readers and I’d say that almost all of them are girls that are a little more liberal than most. You’re encouraged to comment and share, so I suppose if you clicked this link accidentally as a straight guy but want some validation, put your cock up on Ladyboners Gone Wild and if you’re semi-decent, the chicks will flock to you like flies around shit.

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