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I’m sure if you’ve read the reviews here on The Porn Dude, you’ll know just how much I love Asian chicks. Well I’ve come across a few subreddits that are inclined toward Eastern delights and the one I want to talk about today is /r/JuicyAsians. It currently boasts a subscriber count of 60,000 readers and is devoted to Asian babes that have big tits, round asses and basically, any extra juice that your standard sushi princess lacks.

Most of the content is professional shoots of famous Japanese pornstars, but content from other countries and amateur material is still around if you look hard enough. Some chicks even post themselves on the subreddit if they’re gifted Asian babes with that delicious tits and ass combo every guy goes crazy for. I’m very much a fan of the content, and it all seems to be moderated well so there’s no spam or rubbish posts that aren’t relevant to the main purpose of the subreddit. Put simply, check it out if you like hot Asian ladies with more juice than usual.

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