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Do you know what jilling is? Well it’s quite a bit similar to jacking, although as the name implies, women are the ones that are doing the masturbation. That’s right, at /r/Jilling, you’ll find videos, images and GIFs ofgirls that are alone and playing with their pussies. While toys sometimes appear and professional shoots pop up from time to time, the main material here is amateur scenes featuring young babes using their hands and nothing else.

/r/Jilling has very little rules and knows what’s what when it comes to keeping content moderated well. Plenty of people submit various content to the subreddit from all over the place and there are even a few posts that have been made by people that use reddit on a daily basis.

Current subscriber numbers are just under 60,000 – fresh material gets uploaded about four times a day and it’s up to the community to pick out which ones are worthy of being upvoted to the top of the list.

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