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Indian girls get a lot of love on the Internet in this day and age. I don’t know whether it’s because cameras are getting cheaper in the developing world and thus homemade porn is more common or if it’s just a turn in Western desire to see Desi chicks get naked, but either way I’m very much happy with the recent increase in consumption of this form of adult entertainment.

Anyway, /r/IndianBabes is a subreddit that focuses on material from the entire subcontinent, so not only can you submit Indian women, but those from Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal and other regions are accepted. It’s mainly all amateur self-shot material, but some professional shoots are also shared.

There’s quite a good level of user-submitted material too, because Redditors just can’t get enough of custom-created material for their grubby hands to get messy. Anyway, head on over to the subreddit now if you like Indian amateur babes and hot dark-skinned chicks – this place is full of them!

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