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100,000+ titles and performers with the following description: “Covering over 181,569 titles and 143,735 performers and directors, the internet adult film database is the premier resource for information about the American porn community on the web, and is maintained by a volunteer staff of editors, picking up where the late Peter van Aarle left off”. Welcome to the IMDB of porn …

IAFD.com is a directory of everything related to porn. To make it more interesting, on the front page you will notice the sidebars that will show you a section for those porn performers born today, a section for top 10 actresses by pages viewed, a section for top 10 titles also by pages viewed, top 10 webscenes by pages viewed, top 10 actors, top 10 reviews or top 10 galleries.

IAFD is not only a good source of adult content but it is also a good source of porn informations, if you want to get on a closer touch with the adult industry or if you want a particular information about a specific movie or pornstar. It is a great bookmark and you can easily get away with it as a cultural website. Cool, ah?

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