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So you may have heard of ‘Gone Wild’ before, and it’s a place where chicks on Reddit post images of themselves getting naked and having a good time. Well naturally, the demand for some more hardcore content was required and what came out of it was /r/GWCouples – a steamy way for couples to share their sexual antics with the world in a very amateur setting. The subreddit currently boasts 83,000 subscribers, making it one of the most active adult-focused areas Reddit has.

In terms of content distribution, I’d say that most of the content here is photography. There are some GIFs and a few videos too, but it seems as if flat snaps are more enjoyed as the medium to watching couples getting it on. The subreddit also has a rule where none of the content can be put behind a price tag – it’s free or it isn’t posted at all.

Anyway, if you’re looking for genuine amateur porn, the best place to get it is right here on /r/GWCouples.

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