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Porn has created a disconnect between a lot of people in the last few years. After all, watching people have sex isn’t anywhere near as enjoyable as actually doing it, which is why I think that places like Gone Wild Audio are starting to make a big impression on the crowds of people out there that want to bring realism to their sexual experience.

To explain this place simply: both guys and girls post audio clips, typically on Soundgasm.net, that are what I would consider to be erotic audio. They’ll role play different scenes such as sucking your dick, playing truth or dare, having sex with a stranger and pretty much anything else you can imagine. People often make requests to regular contributors, and it’s definitely developed into a loving community where mutual pleasure is the aim of the game.

You don’t have to subscribe or do anything in order to listen to the audio: just head on over and put a set of headphones on. Within minutes, you’ll be hearing the erotic whispers of a girl that cannot wait to get her hands all over you.

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