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While not strictly a place that’s all about porn, I felt it would be wise to mention /r/GirlsWithNeonHair. It’s a subreddit devoted to, yup – you guessed it – women that have dyed hair of various colors. It’s practically a hub of pretty girls, typically around college age, that have decided to dye their hair for whatever reason.

Now I’ve always said that girls with neon hair are trouble makers and going to ruin your life – I still think that’s the case, especially after taking a look at this subreddit’s content. All of the girls look like they’d ruin my life after a few months of crazy sex once they settle in and the real crazy comes out.

Anyway, Girls With Neon Hair currently has just shy of 40,000 readers and regularly updates with fresh images. I’d say about 50% of the content is non-nude, and the other half is typically girls naked and having fun. A good mix of content here, but again – not 100% porn.

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