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You wanna fap, right? Well good, because the best thing to do when that’s the case is to get your meat out and start playing with it. Oh, but you need a site that has a bunch of porn for you to deem worthy as well! Not to worry, because FapTube.com is here to help you get your hands on the porn you want.

It functions as your standard hub of smut with a good display of recent material and scenes currently being watched on the homepage. There’s also a category section for when you want to break it down to the niches you’re interested in. Grouped content can include cumshots, anal, MILFs, massage and more. Rest assured that if you’ve got a taste for a certain type of sex, this place can deliver.

The videos are streamed directly from the site via a Flash embed with sections made available so you can rate the material and leave a comment. There’s also a community function whereyou can see how often new scenes are added to the site (pro tip: it’s daily).

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