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Fake Hub is one of those porn network sites that you’ll have to fork over cash in order to access. To be honest, given the fact that you get full access to the entire archive of Fake Taxi (pretty much my favourite porn site this year) and five other sites, it’s a fantastic offer that you’d be hard pressed to beat.

So what type of media does Fake Hub focus on? Put simply, FakeHub.com is all about girls getting deceived into doing dirty things in front of the camera, not knowing they’re about to be put up online. Fake Taxi is by far the best site – you’ll see plenty of girls in London get picked up, driven around and fucked hard in the back of a black cab, not knowing there’s dozens of cameras watching them do the dirty.

The archive has over 1,000 videos, is regularly updated and plenty of them are available in 4K & HD. Put simply, this is one of the better networks out there for 2019 if you like the idea of chicks being deceived into taking a cock.

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