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The classic Face Down Ass Up is something that most people are familiar with, and if you’re a fan of the visual aesthetic of ladies burring their heads while sticking their asses in the air, then you’re going to love this subreddit. Aptly named /r/FaceDownAssUp, the 67,000 subscriber count produces regular posts of incredible checks in that hot submissive pose that’s just begging to be taken advantage of. To be honest, I think everyone can appreciate this place and all of the material that it has to offer – after all, it’s the ultimate fetish for any guy, right?

These doggy style princesses are typically reloaded on the homepage once every day or so, meaning that there’s a pretty regular flow of fresh material for everyone to dip into and enjoy. Both professional porn and amateur content alike is encouraged to be posted, so don’t be afraid to also link any material that you’re a fan of and want others to enjoy. Remember that Reddit is a sharing community, so if you have something to bring to the Face Down Ass Up community, go right ahead!

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