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You know who Eros is? Eros was the greek god of love. His roman counterpart was Cupid. Good name for porn, even if I haven’t seen romantic feelings in the land of porn. I’ve seen many other things, but not love. Sure, bitches love me, but I am different. I’m famous, rich and charming.

Eros.com is a website where you will get all things erotic: escorts, trans, massage, fetish and fantasy, tantra, dancers and BDSM action. You can even select in what country you want them to be. Well, you will have only a few countries, first world states. So if you live in Bulgary, find yourself a street hooker to fulfill your deepest sexual fantasies that you cannot do with your wife.

The site itself looks pretty good but I am not sure if everything is functional or shown. I see some blank spaces. Maybe is my browser or their scripts. Or maybe they are doing maintenance. One on another, Eros.com could be a good destination if you are looking for what they have in their offer. Click the screenshot! If you are from United States, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland or United Kingdom, of course.

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