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Easy Sex is a labeled adult sex site that you might not have heard of before. Basically, these guys take an established site and put a shiny new banner on the front to bring new users in. They already have a lot of members, it’s just that a fresh name attracts plenty of individuals that want to join the latest dating site. Anyway, with that in mind, let’s see how this place works.

When you hit the homepage, you’ll be able to select who you are and what you want. For instance, you can select male, female, couple or transsexual. When that’s done, point yourself toward what you want, fill in some personal details (location, date of birth, etc.) and soon enough, you’ll be inside looking and profiles of others in your area.

While Easy Sex doesn’t have the most members around, the good thing is that you know people here are looking for some no strings attached fun. I’m not saying romance won’t blossom, but this is not the type of place to find a partner that you’ll end up marrying.

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