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/r/DirtyPenPals is a subreddit that looks to connect people on the Internet that want to share dirty, sexy talk with one another. It’s mainly for guys and girls of a college age to find others to message with naughty messages, but there are a few special interest concepts that appear on the subreddit from time to time.

For instance, right now there’s a 25 year old chick looking for someone to sexualize her daddy issues. Elsewhere, some MILF that has a serious fetish for getting fisted by black dudes. Anyway, you get the idea – Dirty Pen Pals is all about getting you hooked up with strangers to engage in sexual fantasies of both a vanilla and niched nature.

There are a hell of a lot of rules on the subreddit to ensure it runs smoothly, so just be conscious of the fact that if you make a post, you’ll want to stick to the guidelines. It should be noted that a lot of the posts are made by women and it’s expected that men message them – rarely happens in this day and age, but that’s just the way this place turned out.

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