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/r/Curvy is a subreddit devoted to maths and graphs so if you find plotted points and quadratic functions hot, this is the place for you.

Okay, I lied, /r/Curvy is actually a subreddit devoted to buxom women – those with a few extra pounds in the bag just in case shit hits the fan and they need to survive a few months without food. This subreddit calls them curvy cuties, plump peaches and hourglass hotties. Personally? I call them plumpers.

The subreddit is pretty damn close to breaking 100,000 subscribers and mixes up amateur content with professional shoots. I’d say that most of the content is photography from girls that are naked, in a bikini or just lounging around in form-fitting clothes. Very little hardcore material is here and I’d hazard a guess that they try to promote more artistic and photographic renditions of big girls. Anyway, if you want curvy porn on Reddit, this is the place for you.

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