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So /r/CumFetish describes itself as being a place where people with a cum fetish can go in order to have a good time. It’s supposed to have lots of different types of cum-related stuff, including videos of people drinking it, people sharing tribute photography and the such like, but if I’m honest with you, most of it is just girls getting absolutely covered in the sticky stuff.

As things currently stand, /r/CumFetish has an active subscriber level of 45,000 people, with the homepage regularly being made up of fresh content released in the last 24 hours. There are a number of related subreddits linked in the sidebar too, with names such as Cum Fetish, Cum Haters, Cum Sluts, Thick Loads, Cum In The Air and a bunch of other subreddits devoted to the sticky stuff getting promoted.

I’d say that /r/CumFetish is a good place to start on reddit if you like a girl who can enjoy a load. There’s a bunch of porn and you’ll be very happy with watching and some hot amateur material too if that type of thing interests you.

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