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College Sluts is one of those subreddits that is fueled entirely by the exploits of young, dumb girls that get into tertiary education and end up doing some pretty silly things. The premise of this place is simple: share images and videos of college girls enjoying themselves and their sexuality while they’re still in the prime of their life. Note that the content doesn’t have to be nude or even sexual – just ‘slutty’ in some sense or another. Even a sexy chick in a tight dress looking extra provocative and hungry for cock is good enough, after all, the main focus here is on top notch teen sluts doing what they do best.

The current subscriber count of /r/CollegeSluts is 75,000, and with new submissions coming in about four times a day, you’ll find that the original material and real amateur submissions are fantastic to enjoy. Don’t forget that you can also share your own material if that’s something you’d be Interested in; the subreddit is sustained by manual submissions, so go forth and reveal your slutty college chick collection with the world!

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