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So let me tell you what goodies you will find when you will enter on CamWhores.co. Sure, the domain name speaks for himself, but this doesn’t mean that within the site you will find the same thing. I’ve seen domain names with “gay” and the platform itself had only straight content. CamWhores offers a lot of cam shows that you can access with a few clicks.

It’s a blog and instead of posts about clothes, the weather, the latest movie or about Brad Pitt’s divorce, you will have camgirls doing all sorts of nasty things for your entertainment. Well not for you exactly, but for someone else. Still, via CamWhores, you will be able to see the scenes. I don’t like the fact that they share mixed content. What’s mixed content? Well, you will have camboys alongside female models. So prepare for some surprises!

All their new updates are on the homepage and when you will access any of the additions, you will see the download links. The take down will happen through third-party hosting platforms. You know the deal, you know how it works and you know what you have to do! Now click on the screenshot and proceed!

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