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Cam Caps is a forum built upon the idea of people sharing porn and in particular, live cam show recordings. Because I’m such a good reviewer, I decided to fork over the $12 a year it costs to sign up in order to see what’s available inside. What I found were a bunch of amateur cam recordings, links to exclusive videos, many discussion boards about porn and even some places devoted to discussing various topics ranging from webcam reviews through to politics and recent events.

CamCaps.net seems to have developed into more of a community of people that absolutely love sex and share all they have as opposed to just a few people putting up automatic posts. From reading the comments and discussions, it’s obvious that people here are very much committed to helping one another find new models and places to source adult entertainment. For 12 bucks, it’s pretty much as good as you can get when it comes to finding porn and webcam cams.

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