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I never realized that some guys out there are big fans of fake boobs, but with a subscriber count just shy of 50,000 readers, the Bolted On Tits subreddit certainly suggests that there’s a sizable quantity of ‘breast implant connoisseurs’. As you’ve probably worked out, the simple requirement for content here is that the tits have to be fake, but fake in the sense of implants. Big natural girls and images that have been shopped do not count – it’s all plastic surgery goodness or GTFO.

The content breakdown is about 90% photographs and 10% GIFs. I didn’t notice any videos when going through the latest updates, but who knows – you might find some if you dig deep enough. The average time between updates is around 1 hour, so there’s plenty of fresh stuff if you come back once a day. Similar subreddits are also listed in the sidebar, so if it’s the world of boobs you’re after, this place will help you find it with a very useful titty map.

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