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BetterFap.com is a new kind of porn site. Once you will enter a performer, keyword or kink on the search box that you will see in the middle of the homepage, it will show you personalized porn, based on what you have entered. Or, you can click on the blue button that says “Just show me porn!” and the journey will begin.

I have tried their system by using these terms: big natural tits. It gave me fine tuned results from Imgur and lots of it. The page was filled with posts and when I started to scroll, I noticed that they have infinite results (in theory). Besides photos, I also received some clips from Xvideos. In another words, BetterFap will work like a search engine that will give you selected materials that will fit what you are looking for.

Once you have pushed on a result, you will have an enlarged version of the photo or a video player. You will also have a navigation menu and you will be able to like or dislike what you see. You can even check the ones that you want to watch later. Click the screenshot and start browsing on BetterFap!

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