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I should state from the get go that /r/BDSMcommunity is not in any way a place to find pornographic depictions of kinky and fetish activities. Rather, it’s a subreddit that aims to bring together people that want to discuss the subject, ask questions, answer queries and generally facilitate the discussion of healthy, practical BDSM that promotes the cause in a positive fashion.

If you have any questions about BDSM or simply want to read more on a number of subjects related to kinky sex, this is the ideal place to go. It’s very much a newbie environment that helps educate people on the various aspects of the experience and how to stay safe and secure while engaging in the fetish side of life.

There are quite a few rules here, but they seem to be quite common sense stuff that just makes sure the integrity of the subreddit is maintained. All in all, I like the submissions (pun intended) and most people are happy to answer even the most basic of questions to further help the understanding of BDSM.

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