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Are you up for punishment and into ballbusting movies? You’ll know how hard it is to find decent free content of this sort of kinky shit. Ball Busting Tube is a community where users can upload video clips and also watch the ones that are live which is particularly useful if you like the idea of pain.

The videos on the homepage vary in length, but some are quite short which sucks. The good news is that once you click on a movie, you’re taken straight to a page to watch it and after you’ve got rid of the advert, you’re watching pure domination videos without paying a single cent.

The site appears to be hosted on cheap hosting, as categories are a bit intermittent at the time of writing this review, due to database connection errors. That’s really handy if you’re in the middle of a wank. Once you do finally get it to load, you’re given a few options, including Cunt Busting, Kick, Knee and all sorts of Ball Busting related choices. If the site loads for you, it’s worth a look but be patient, you submissive fuck.

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