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Girls with big asses typically always love to get their asses recognized, and at /r/asstastic, you’re going to find a lot of amateur booty that’s just begging to be enjoyed. The premise of the subreddit is simple: ladies with fine booties post their wonderful behinds to be rated, enjoyed and commented on by users of Reddit. Note that the material here is 100% amateur and original, with the moderators typically requiring ‘proof’ posts to be made in order to verify some asses as indeed being exclusively published on the Reddit platform.

In the past, I’ve used /r/asstastic myself – now if that isn’t a ringing endorsement for a porn product, I don’t know what is. The subreddit currently has just over 90,000 subscribers and the ‘hot’ section is refreshed with new posts around once every 24-hours. Now believe me when I say that if you’re big on the whole amateur ass fetish, you won’t find a site or place better than /r/Asstastic. It’s in a whole new world of its own when it comes to appreciating great homemade ass.

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