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/r/Anal is a subreddit devoted to nothing but anal sex. All of the material is straight, so sorry to those of you out there looking for a bit of gay bumming fun – this place is just about girls getting their asses plunged. As things currently stand, the Anal subreddit has just shy of 60,000 subscribers, many of whom update the front page with fresh material on a regular basis.

The rules for /r/Anal include no spamming, no underage material, no off-topic comments and for content to be hosted on Imgur before being submitted. A lot of the material is in GIF format – I’d say around 80% of the posts – so while it isn’t perfect if you don’t have high speed Internet, those that do will have a lot of fun.

Almost all scenes are submitted with source information in the comment sections, so if you want to watch the entire clip or find out the names of those involved, you can do so easily thanks to this standard procedure.

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