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Think of a website that sells pretty much anything and you’ve got Amazon. If you haven’t heard of it before then you must have been living in a cave! Amazon is probably the first place I look for absolutely anything. DVDs, Music, Clothes but did you know they sell sex toys and BDSM restraints? I thought not!

The sexual wellness section on Amazon is pretty amazing. ThePornDon is pretty liberal and I’ll happily walk into any sex shop around but for those of you who are a little shy, you can now order all of your luxuries that arrive in a nice little brown Amazon box, completely discreet and direct to your door.

Along with adult sex toys, dildos, male masturbators and condoms, the sexual wellness section offers so much more. Floggers, whips, crops and even sex furniture is on offer here! The prices are pretty reasonable too! So next time you need some sexual supplies, don’t rule out Amazon!

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