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Love amateurs? Don’t worry this site is all about amateur teens, not poop! A visually stunning site, Amateur Dumper features the most viewed amateur sex videos with the top rated underneath. Each video shows a thumbnail, title and how many views each movie has had.

Click on any of these thumbnails and there are some very tempting ones… and you’ll either be redirected to a pornsite (this is really annoying) or a movie player will open up and you’ll be able to watch your chosen movie. I have little patience for clicking on things and being redirected somewhere else. I want porn and I want it now!

If you want to narrow down your search you can either use the search bar at the top of the page or choose from popular categories which are in tiny orange writing. Amateur, Blowjob and Lesbians are all here. If you click on the right thumbnails you’ll enjoy this site, otherwise you might decide it’s too much hassle.

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