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Want free porno movies and want loads of choice? AlotPorn is a site ThePornDon has been using for years and it’s trusted, regularly updated and completely free!

The homepage contains videos being watched right now by other users and featured videos, which can easily be changed to recent, popular, top rated, most discussed and longest! Plenty of choice and do you know the best part? Advertising is kept to a minimum on the homepage! Bonus!

If you click on a movie, you can play it straight away without signing up to the site. There are adverts shown to the right of the video player, but they are bearable. A categories page is available and shows which niches they cater for along with the number of movies available in that category. You’ll see cumshots and other popular choices like housewives, masturbating and lesbian. Some of these categories have a few thousand movies to choose from! If you do decide to sign up for free there is a community of likeminded people who you can connect with.

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